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Upload Avatar Implementation - vCard.as

Hi folks,

We have a proposed update to org.igniterealtime.xiff.vcard.VCard that supports uploading an avatar. Give it a go and let us know what you think.



-Typidee, Inc
VCard.as.zip (4906 Bytes)

Diff please.

I do not have the cabable facilities to test, but I could check the changes.

Try this one
vCard Avatar Upload Patch.txt.zip (1631 Bytes)

Seems this patch is to a slightly older version thus there are missing few recent fixes. Could you update it?

Who is William Herold (Typidee Inc) william@typidee.com, has he signed the contruibutor agreement?

I’ll have a look at merging the trunk into our version today.

As to the contributor agreement, we have not. I made several attempts to contact people at Jive about getting write access to the repository, but never received any response.

Here’s one that has been merged with the head. Let me know if it’s not working for anyone and I’ll have another look.


VCard.as.zip (4943 Bytes)

and the patch…
vCard Patch.txt.zip (1516 Bytes)

A slightly modified version applied in revision 11602.

I did not add the copyright as I have no idea who that person is.

Perhaps some guidelines related to that should be written as well…

Thank you for providing this functionality.

Sure thing. Happy to help.

Can you give me some idea of what we need to do in order to get credit in there for William? IHe’s our developer who did the actual implementation. It’s been a widely requested feature and in the spirit of open source code, it seems it would be unfair to not be able to give credit where credit is due.


Firstly this paper should be signed and get to the “company”:


For the license header, the name should be added in all files, but this should be after couple more contributions.

Once a lifetime contribution should not be considered in such but if the person takes part more in the development surely the name will be added.

I am certainly not againts adding any names, I just want them to have a meaning.

Perhaps there has been already earlier some contributions from your behalf?

Thanks for the docs. I’ll have a look and send them back to Jive.

As to ongoing contributions, aside from the vCard avatar upload here, we also submitted an implementation of HTML message payloads for Message.as and numerous bug fixes over the past year.

I completely understand the desire to filter out transient and/or once-in-a-lifetime contributors. But in addition to the contributions we’ve made already, I should add that our company has and is making extensive use of this library and will continue active development on it. It’s a strategic part of our overall architecture and not only in our best interest to participate in it’s maintenance, it is encumbant upon us as well.

In any case, thanks much for the clarifiaction. If there’s any other information I can provide about who we are, please do let me know.



Here’s a new version using mx.utils.Base64Encoder and mx.utils.Base64Decoder, thereby removing the requirement for com.hurlant.util.Base64.

Note that it contains the contribution line for william@typidee.com.

To that end, I’d like to propose that we follow the more traditional open source attribution model. Namely, contributors are credited in the respective source files in which they made the contribution as opposed to a blanket attribution for the entire library. Thoughts?

typidee-vcard.diff.zip (2983 Bytes)

Actually the direction has been the opposite, by removing all Flex dependencies.

Hurlant version of Base64 is used as the same library is used in the TLS connection.

Doh. Ok.

Why the switch to the Hurlant library instead of using the native code?

The mx classes are not native code. They are part of the Flex library.

We are trying to get rid of any Flex dependencies, so that you can use the library in strictly AS3 projects as well.

Ah. Right. Of course.

Thanks for the clarification.