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Use Asterisk or SIP Phone for VoIP application with Spark and Cisco IP phone?


I would like to know what are the main differences between Asterisk and SIP in OpenFire.

I already tested Openfire & Spark with SIP phone, and is working. I am wondering if Asterisk is better for VoIP applications.

Later on I would like to make a “connection” betwen my OpenFife server and a Cisco IP Phone 7945G (connected to the company phone system).

Actually, I would like to be able to call from Spark (or other) client from PC to a Cisco IP phone connected to the company phone system.

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Or I would like to use simply any SIP phone with OpenFire (actualy replacing Spark with a SIP phone).


Can you tell me how to get Openfire & Spark with SIP phone work?

Thank you!

Hi Dandan, Can you tell us how you made that integration?

Some of us are beginner and we want to know how you did.

Thanks for your help

Here is what I remember (since I am not using any more these tools):

-Installed Openfire on Debian (can be Windows also) on PC1 Server

-Created Users using Openfire admin web page from PC1 (

-Then installed Spark client on Windows PC2 & PC3 (login as user); Installed SIP phone addon for Spark (and used mic and pc speakers).

First test the chat betwen PC2 & PC3 then move to audio testing.

This solution is good to be implemented if you need to have your own server, if no, just use Skype.