Use of Logger and other mx classes

Is anyone actively using the Logger in the library?

I tested a version without the LoggingFactory and all relevant imports and usage, with the following results:

Compiling an example code from

Current trunk: 186 KB

Stripped version: 73 KB

I will do a comparison of the Base64 encoder too, expecting similar result in the filesize reduction, not that much though.

Would anyone be against of removing the use of those mx classes in favor of As3crypto:s Base64 and simple trace() ?

I anyways use trace() and not the logger classes. So its fine from my side.

Now logger is removed.

If replacing all Base64 usage from Flex class to Hurlant class, size reduction is rather minimal:

Current trunk: 75.3 KB

Hurlant Base64: 74.1 KB

The code used here to compare was from:

I did not do any performance test, but assumably as many Flex classes are not optimal, there might be some increase in that.

The reason why I am mainly doing these alterations, is to make XIFF completely AS3 only, thus removing Flex dependencies.