Use old ssl post method. Possible with XIFF?


I’'m having problems authenticating to a local wildfire server using port 5223 (through TLS)

I’'ve installed the Spark IM client and it too has the same problem as long as I keep the “use old ssl post method” option unchecked.

Is there a way to implement that using the XIFF API ?

It seems like the TLS protocol is either not supported or has some compatibility issues.


After digging into this further, I understand I have to connect using JEP-0078 specification (non-sasl authentication: )

So the starting stream should look like this :

<stream:stream to=’‘shakespeare.lit’’



I tried adding this option to XMPPConnection but the response is the same as for all packets I send on port 5223 : something unrecognizable liolik

Any ideas what is going on ?


Even I face the same problem!

Is there some way to use old SSL with XIFF???