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Use Openfire as XMPP proxy

We have a UC-software with XMPP-connector in oure LAN. Now I want to connect this server to the wide world an to other xmpp-clients which have no client of oure software. But I don’t want to forward the xmpp-port in our LAN, for something like this we have a DMZ.

We also have a few different domains. My idea is now, to give the openfire-server oure 2nd domain-name (dom2.de), the internal server is using our 1st domain (dom1.de).

Now I can connect the servers via ‘Server to Server’-dialogue with port 5269, or via ‘External-Components’-dialogue with port 5275. What will be the better way?

If I correctly understand the ‘External Components’-dialogue this will crate a sub-domain. If I name there my internal server with dom1.de it will crate the sub-domain dom1.de.dom2.de, ore not?

If I use teh ‘Server to Server’-dialogue, my internal server goes directly to the internet. Is it still possible, to forward incomming connections to my openfire-server , which is forwarding this messages to my internal server. I guess, that I need other DNS-records in my DMZ as in the internet, but that’s no problem (I hope). Or is it also possible to set a fix server IP-adress somwhere in the configuration for my internal domain-name?