Use self-signed certificate


How can i simply create two self-sign RSA 2048 certificate and import them to openfire? i search and tried what i have found on net but non of them are worked for me !

I Follow this "Openfire: SSL Guide ",

I can see two new certs in my keystore + two defult certs but when i tried to import my keystore to truststore it said "Input not an X.509 certificate".

Thanks in advance

To use or renew self-signed certificates…

OpenFire automatically makes its own self-signed certificates. Launch the server http interface. Look in the menus for server certificates.

I had to replace 2 expired ones. Deleted the old ones. OpenFire shows a link to click to generate new ones. I thought I read it automatically did this on a new install - but if not, look for the link to make new ones.

Easy as, but not at all easy to find the answer googling!