User administration

I am facing a real problem inside an application I am trying to build. Basically my aim to provide a way to administrate my users through a java client. And so, as soon as I am loggued as one of the administrator of the service (which is done inside my application), I want to be able to add/delete/modify accounts, change passwords…

Is there such a possibility using the smack API ? Or do I have to develop a wildfire plugin to do so (it is the xmpp server that I am using), that will be called by my application ?

Thanks a lot for your precious help.


Smack is a client side api so no afiak you wont be able to do what you want with it.

I’'m confused as to why you would need to though. Wildfire includes all the functionality you described so why not just use that?

I want to give by instance the possibility for a user to retreive (or at least reset) its password…

I am trynig to delegate the user management my whole application to the XMPP part… That is why I would like to be able to do all this administration stuff from inside my client… And not using wildfire…

Well a user can change their password via smack.

The class AccountManager has a few admin methods which you can use.

Sorry, from your initial thread, I read it as you wanted to create an app by which one person could manage all users and not just a single user managing their own account details.

Sorry for the misunderstanding… In fact I want both

I want that a user can change/reset its password, and all the other settings of his account.

But also to give the possibility to certain user to do such actions for every account on the wildfire server…

That is why the methods in AccountManager seems to not satisfy my needs…


Wildfire supports some ad-hoc commands to manage different things - one should query Wildfire to get a list of them. You may want to search the forum for ad-hoc commands and look here