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User and Group communication restrictions


I am look for a way to prevent certian users (or even better groups) from seeing each other. Lets say for instant user A is part of the pie distribution group, he gives people pie. He only really talks with other people in the pie distributors group. I don’t want people in the pie eater group constantly adding him to see if he is in today and asking him what the flavor is and if they can have more pie.

In short

Pie Eaters can’t see pie servers but can see other pie eaters

Pie Servers can see other pie Servers (and maybe pie eaters if possible)

Is there a plug-in or trick that prevents users from seeing each other?

You can do this with group management and disabling the search plugin.


take a look at Packet Filter Plugin.


Sounds easy enough, but I am not seeing a group management option anywhere. Is this something that is available only in the Enterprise edition? I should also note that I am not intigrating with AD or LDAP I am simpy doing it by a single user basis.


the Openfire web admin console allows you to create groups. I assume that the plugin allows you to use these groups.


That is exactly what I was looking for, Thank you very much.