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User and Group import from LDAP: reverse group lookup faulty

After reading all available documentation and most relevant Support messages, I got stuck with the LDAP group import / shared roster information.

While I have access to

  • all groups my filter allows to
  • all users my filter allows to
  • when I click into a group using the server admin, I see all members.

this is good, but:

  • When I click into the user list, for some users the groups show up, but for some users, the groups are missing.
    Consequently, the shared rosters are not populated correctly, rather randomly populated.

Strangely enough, when I share such groups to other groups, the other groups have correct shared rosters.

I have already restarted openfire and cleared all caches.

Debug logs don’t show any peculiarities.

No duplicate IDs found in LDAP.

What else can be done / checked?

Believe it or not. Reason is: I had CamelCase UIDs in my openLDAP.

all CamelCase IDs were ignored, making them lowercase worked.

Sorry for making noise here, maybe it helps somebody else