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User Authentication failed

Dear Community,

I export all my user with using import export plugin from openfire. After reinstall the openfire, i again import all user but when i try to login my username with old password but did not successful. Please help me.

Now no one user can login again just authentication failed message.

I am not sure if it is possible to recover from this. Do you have a backup of the old database? I suggest you restore that.

tell me one thing why when i export the data with plugin he change the password same as username. Like Umair User name and Password also in export xml file is umair. I am using Microsoft sql as a database. Tell me one more thing it is possible to export rooms/group chat like username. Thanks

Maybe your database is read-only?


"Note: if you are using a read-only user store such as LDAP or POP3 this plugin will still work with two caveats:
1 When exporting, the username will be placed in the password element. "

So what i setting do when i export the user then plugin export the actual password in export file. Thanks