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User authentication from custom database

I managed to fix the errors on my previous post:

Internal server error on User admin

I did it by completing all the optional user data from the “User Integration” section on “Custom Database Integration”.

Now, I can get the users to login via Pidgin, and see their sessions on the Admin Console. But I can’t manage to get them online. They are authenticated, but their presence is “Offline”. I can even send messages to the users with “Sessions/Tools/Send Message”. This is supposed to send them to “All online users”, but my offline users receive the message.

I can’t add any of the accounts as friends either.

I managed to get my users online by adding the group configuration requested in the Custom Database Integration documentation. But I can’t get to add each other as friends. I double checked the queries for groups and users and they should be right.

I can’t either see the groups on the Admin Console. The data for users is being displayed correctly, but not the info for groups.


Ok, I managed to get it all working. I just changed the owner of the groups table in the database to the user in the ConnectionString, restarted openfire, and everything is working now.