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User creation custom script


i’ve installed openfire with LDAP provider and as is read only i can’t create users directly from openfire.

i create users with some scripts and i wonder if i could set a hook to call those scripts instead of the internal mechanism of creating users.

i know theres a lot of customization options related to DDBB but it would be great to allow a custom action when creating users, just a path to an executable that returns an error code and some STDOUT info. this way not only actual problem with LDAP-is-read-only could be solved, but any other situation that requires additional work to be performed by the admin.

what do you think?

ps: is LDAP writing on the roadmap?


most admins do use LDAP because they have an established user base in active drectory and because they don’t want Openfire to create new accounts.

Is there a specific reason why you are using LDAP?


because i want to offer additional services for some users (mail, calendar, shell, ftp).