User Fileds not fool

After installing the server, everything worked fine, and cleints can connect with Spark.
But when I look at the characteristics of a user through the client software, I do not see the phone, e-mail address, in short, do not see anything, and instead it says “n\a”

and in the company field it says “null”

I look forward to your help

By default these fields are not populated with data, until user/client will specifically enter them. I’m just after testing on my end and it works filling in information I submit. Can you make sure your users have done that, please.

In Spark go to Spark > Edit My Profile and put all details you woudl like to.

As he had added tag active_directory i assume that all information is filled on the LDAP side. Maybe vcard info is not pulled by Spark, or to be correct Openfire is not pulling it.

You right on the tag, getting old…

Suppose wouldn’t be permission issue on the account accessing AD/LDAP, otherwise no users would be able to login. I didn’t get a chance to test integration between Openfire and AD/LDAP but have it on my to-do for test installation at work for this week.