User Filter help

I recently upgraded to 3.2 which blew out my configuration, which I unfortunately did not backup prior to. I can’‘t for the life of me, remember how I filtered out to get the correct users from our Zimbra server. I think I somehow had a filter setup that checked that the full name field or email field had something in it, but I don’‘t remember how. I basically need an ldap filter that checks either of those fields for a value and filters out the entries with no value in that area. The email aliases all have uid’‘s and I don’'t want them to show up in the user list.

THis is for eDir (LDAP) you might need to customize slightly for your directory


I don’‘t think that’‘s what I’‘m looking for. Thanks for your help though. My LDAP backend is a mail server that doesn’‘t make use of groups unfortunately. So doing a group filter won’'t help.