User Group authentication for group chats

Is there a way to allow members into a particular chat room based on their group membership through openfire?

There is no such option, yet. There is a ticket for this - OF-179. Last reply was not so long ago and someone is working on a patch for this (presuming still working).

oh no i was installing openfire and spark to create a chat for about 350 people in our company and know i detect this BIG problem

this issue exist since 2005 and after 9 years still no solution? its useless for me, i cant manage about 20 MUC and every user manual…

Does ejabberd has this option?


This software is open sourced and left on its own by the original developers for 9 years. There are no full-time developers here. So unless someone works on it and provides a patch this can stay the same for another 9 years.

Does ejabberd has this option?

Don’t know. Not using ejabberd.