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User groups and admin

From looking at the db schema, it looks like there is support for user groups (not buddy list groups) in jivegroup and jivegroupuser.

Why is there no UI to administer these groups? What are they even used for?

I tried manually going into MySQL and adding my own user ID to the existing administrators group, but this didn’‘t seem to have any effect. I couldn’'t log into the admin website with my own user ID. Maybe I have to restart jive first?

Also, what is the point of the administrator column in jivegroupuser? If there’‘s an administrator group, then isn’'t being in that group what makes you an administrator?



The group functionality is a bit undeveloped at this point. The main idea is that groups will allow:

  • Assigning permissions.

  • Taking action on a group of users at a time, such as mass-messaging them.

Unfortunately, I don’‘t think groups do very much at the moment, but they will be used as a basis for new features in upcoming releases. The fact that they’'re there is mainly an artifact of the Jive Messenger 1.1 codebase, which was developed over several years.




Is that the same case for the domains table/functionality?