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User Import Export doesn't export all users

Openfire version: 3.6.4

User Import Export version: 2.2.0

I’m trying to export all my users from an instance of Openfire with internal database to another instance with MySQL database. Both instances are the same version. I figured I would give the User Import Export plugin a try. However, it seems to stop after a number of users, I think around 1000 or so. Since I use LDAP, it looks like this is the same 1000 users limitation as LDAP import. But of these 1000, only a few have a roster, because the others have never logged in. How can I:

  • Either export all users, not just 1000,

  • Or export only users who have logged in before (or have a roster)?

I guess I’m also open to alternate ways of moving users from internal db to SQL db.


Contact Ryan, the author of this plugin http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/people/ryang


Are you using AD? If so, unfortunately I don’t believe anything can be done on the plugin side to fix this since this is probably the same 1000 account limit that people are running into when using AD. Assuming you’re using AD you might want to try increasing the MaxPageSize as suggested in some of the other posts to see if that fixes the issue.

Hope that helps,