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User Import won't process

I’m trying to migrate our organization from a server running Openfire 3.7.0 beta to a server running Openfire 4.0.3. The old server is running version 2.2.1 of the User Import Export plugin, and the new server is running version 2.6.0.

The user exports from the old server seem to be fine, but the import process is hitting a snag. Upon selecting the XML file to import and clicking the Import button, I’m taken to an Openfire page with an empty body (see attached). No errors are shown, and none of the log files appear to be modified.

I’m able to successfully export from the new server, but I encounter the same blank page problem when I turn around to import these files back into the new server. Interestingly, I also get the blank page when hitting the Import button without selecting a file at all.

I have filed this as OF-1215

What database are you using?

Our new Openfire instance is using an MS SQL 2016 Express database. The old Openfire server is using MySQL 5.1.

And here’s another puzzle piece:

I logged back into a server we’d set up a few months ago to play with a test installation of Openfire. That test server is running Openfire 4.0.3, User Import Export 2.6.0, with a MySQL 5.7 database, and the Import button is loading the same blank page as our new production server. But I know for a fact that the Import process had been working months ago (or at least throwing errors) because I had to fight with “import file does not match the user schema” errors. I’d swear there’s been an update to the User Import Export plugin since then.

Here’s 2.5.0 which is around one year old.
userimportexport.jar (678658 Bytes)

I’ve uninstalled User Import Export 2.6.0 on our new server and installed the 2.5.0 version you provided. I’m now getting “import file does not match the user schema” errors, which is a problem I can work with.

Thanks for the help!

Im having the same problem. Ubuntu 1604 with mysql 5.7 DB. Help please!