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User list completely empty in management console, users can still login

Brief background: I wasn’t liking the direction MySQL was going, so I tried switching to MariaDB. IMO, big mistake.

I restored the OPENFIRE database from my MariaDB back to MySQL. The server connected up, users logged in, all appeared well.

I then went to the administration console to do some user clean up and ALL of my users are gone. My groups appear with empty member lists. However if I log into the system via Spark all the groups are mainainted and all users who already had accounts can connect to the system.

What’s happened & can it be fixed?

I still don’t have a solution for this. Is there any way I can un-corrupt this databse, or am I going to need to re-create the whole roster for people?

Found the problem. For some reason it is because the MySQL database tables got their names downgraded to all lower case. I did a fresh install of Openfire to see what the table names should be. I then modified the database I had & everyone showed back up.