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User Mapping Error

Hi all,

  1. I have install OpenFire 3.7.1, In Profile Setting, I have config success step 01(connection setting), but I did not configuration on step 2 (don’t understand the structure). Kindly help to fix issue
  2. How to configure OpenFire running startup, I must login to server to run OpenFire manuallly

Thank you

I’m facing exactly same issue and have found no help since many days. Let me know if you get some solution :s

discussion link i have created on this forum is given below.

exaple: Domain name is domain.org.com

set Base DN as : dc=domain,dc=org,dc=com

Set Administrator DN as : dn=Administrator,dn=Users,dc=domain,dc=org,dc=com

This syntax resolved my issue. You dont have to mention Users Group in Base DN.

Hi pro,

How to configure OpenFire running startup, I must login to server to run OpenFire manuallly, I not OpenFire don’t run,

Pls help

Windows Service

If you’re running Openfire on Windows, you will likely want to run Openfire as a standard Windows service after initial setup. If you used the Windows installer, a openfire-service.exe file will be in the bin directory of the installation. You can use this executable to install and control the Openfire service.

From a console window, you can run the following commands:

  • openfire-service /install – installs the service.
  • openfire-service /uninstall – uninstalls the service.
  • openfire-service /start – starts the service
  • openfire-service /stop – stops the service.

Running Openfire in Linux/Unix

If you are running on a Red Hat or Red Hat like system (CentOS, Fedora, etc), we recommend using the RPM as it contains some custom handling of the standard Red Hat like environment. Assuming that you have used the RPM, you can start and stop Openfire using the /etc/init.d/openfire script.

`# /etc/init.d/openfire
Usage /etc/init.d/openfire {start|stop|restart|status|condrestart|reload}

/etc/init.d/openfire start

Starting openfire:`

If you are running on a different Linux/Unix varient, and/or you have used the .tar.gz ‘installer’, you can start and stop Openfire using the bin/openfire script in your Openfire installation:

`# ./openfire
Usage: ./openfire {start|stop}

./openfire start

Starting openfire`

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/install- guide.html