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User Migration (from Jive Messenger 2.2.0 to Openfire 3.4.4)

Hi Guys,

We are currently running Jive Messenger 2.2.0 with MySQL as our database and planning to upgrade to Openfire 3.4.4 on a separate server.

I just want to know how do I transfer the users from the old server to the new server? This new server also uses MySQL as database.

Thanks in advance,


I recently had the same query, and found a solution.

Iā€™m using internal database, but I guess it should also work with mysql database.

How did I do ?

  • backup the embedded database

  • install the new system from scratch

  • check that your new default install works

  • stop your openfire

  • filter the .script file to only get line with USER and GROUP

but not the admin stuff (to keep the one from scratch install)

ā€“ cat messenger.script | grep USER >newbase

ā€“ cat messenger.script | grep GROUP >>newbase

ā€“ cat newbase | grep -v admin >> openfire.script

  • start your openfire

  • check your server, you should see your users and your groups.

How could you do ?

I guess user and group table exists, but you may need to check this before.

  • export the user table from mysql

  • export the group table from mysql

  • filter your export to remove admin stuff

  • install your new openfire

  • setup and check default install

  • import with add option the user table

  • import with add option the group table

Are the Users/Groups from LDAP or locally created?

as said in my previous post, my whole setting is internal database stored.

Thus it is a flat mysql like text file (openfire.script) which is loaded at runtime and written to disk from time to time.

I guess people who use LDAP to authenticate user should not have issue when upgrading as you just disconnect the IM system to plug the new one.