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User Name and Resource show Random numbers each login

I am using LDAP authentication. I have about 25 users that have no problems. One user when they login (using Wildfire 2.5.1, and spark 1.1.3) is shown to have a random number where his user name is. Each time he logs in the number changes. This also shows up in the sessions tab of wildfire. Any Ideas?

Here is an example of the session details in WF:

Session ID: 713976f3@srv-app03.domain.com/713976f3

User Name & Resource: 713976f3 - 713976f3

Status: Authenticated

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After restarting the wildfire service, the user was able to login with his correct user name and resource showing.

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Restarting the wildfire service fixed this issue

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Hi Kevin,

did you run out of memory? Maybe you find some outofmemory messages in the log file. Search teh forum for Xmx or read the documentation if this was the case.