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User name isn't displayed

Since I’ve installed version 3.6.4 (previous was 3.6.0), the name of the user was not shown anymore. In the users list, the “Name” column is blank; in the personal profile, the “Name” field is the same as username (left side of jabber id); the same in the searches made from administration console and rosters as well.

We are authenticated from Active Directory and the System Properties associated are listed bellow:

  • ldap.emailField: mail

  • ldap.nameField: displayName

  • ldap.usernameField: cn (so, jabber id = cn@xmpp.domain)

  • ldap.searchFields: username/cn,name/displayName,email/mail

The nameField is recognized and used, once it’s really used to search users and presented on the Pandion as contact name.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards,

I just want to suggest you to move this thread to Openfire Support sub-forum. Also, you can add LDAP to this thread’s title, so LDAP experts could notice and check your thread.