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User names in chat room

Sorry if this has been asked and resolved but I could not find a solution.

I have setup a public chat room using Gaim for our team to use. Folks have been able to join, post, and leave the room but their name does not show up in the list in Gaim / Pidgin. I have around and I can not find a configuration option to show / hide users in the chat room.

Anyone know how to configure Openfire to show all users in the room?



Maybe this is a Pidgin issue. Though i dont remember it not showing the participants in the room. I know that it shows the participants in Spark, Exodus, Psi and other clients. I can test with Pidgin later, but maybe i got something wrong. Maybe you can explain it better or attach a screenshot here.

Hi Dave,

On the admin console, check out the settings for your chatroom. What do you have ‘Broadcast Presence For’ set to?



We were not able to setup and administrator using the web page so we upgraded to a new version. Now we can configure using the web page and everythings seems find.