User names

I have 2 questions really. One is how do I delete users from the Wildfire admin console? I have it synched with AD but I have a lot of general accounts and all I want to show is actual users.

My second question in the admin console in users/groups how do I get the username to display the AD display name? I changed the username field to displayName instead of sAMAccountNmae . The names were displayed but they had\20 were the spaces between names were. Any suggestions on how do get rid of the 20?

When using LDAP as your user provider, you cannot add or remove users from Wildfire. Your best bet is to craft a search query in the config file to limit the users some how. If you search the fourms you will see many examples of it, but one of the easist is to make a group for Wildfire users and add only the users you want to that group.

Thanks for the tip, I will try it tomorrow. How about the way the names are being displayed, any suggestions on that. I want the name to look the same way they are displayed in AD ex: first last name not first@. Any suggestions I get \20 where the space between names is located.

I dont use Windows at all, so Im not sure I can be much help on the username display issue. I do recall a handful of people mentioning issues around spaces in usernames before, it might be related.