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User not able to log in

I have a user that cannot log in. I am running openfire 3.6.4 database is postgres 8.1.3, authentication is from an ADAM database using accounts from our AD setup. The user attempts to login using his AD credentials, and he receives the following errors in the logs:

iq type=“result” id=“purple64858f9e” to="k_a@server.domain.com/test"/ iq type=“error” id=“purple1405bb28” to="k_a@server.domain.com/test" from=“proxy.jabber.org” iq type=“error” id=“purple54eeaf1f” to="k_a@server.domain.com/test" from=“proxy.jabber.org” iq type=“error” id=“purple61c5b976” to="k_a@server.domain.com/test" from=“proxy.jabber.org

I have a very long ldapsearch criteria, and I can see him as an authorized user, however when he uses any client, it looks like he is logged in, but he is actually not. If I attempt to use his account and join a MUC, it immediately logs him off, then back in again and throws an error in the logs as well. Does anyone have any idea on where I can look to start finding the answer to this problem?

forgot to mention, I have 4100 authorized users and he is the only one that has this issue.



How many of those users have underscores in their names? also why is ther a /test after the username?

/test is the resource … All users have underscores, including mine. the raw jid is username@server.domain.com/resource

It usually isn;t test, that is the one that I am using to test the problem, his has his machine name as a resource