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User Not Authorized

I have just set up a Jive Messenger server and it all seemed to be going very well. However, the last couple users to create accounts have run into a problem. We are using the Gaim client, and the users auto register with Jive. These last couple people were able to register – I see their accounts created on the server. However, when they go to log in they are immediately disconnected with an error that says they are not authorized. I was able to create a new account from my computer and log in, so I don’‘t know if it’'s something with their computer or their setup. Does anyone know what is happening and how I should fix it? Thanks!


There are a few things you can do:

  1. switch on the Gaim debug window BuddyList->Help-Debug window and try and connect again. You can post the log here and someone should be able to decipher it.

  2. have a look at the error/info/warn logs on jive, if anything untoward is happening on the server side, it should be there too.


Unfortunately it is disconnecting before the Buddy List ever opens, so I don’'t think I have the option to debug.

The error log shows “IDNAException - String too long” on several occasions. I don’‘t know if that has anything to do with this or not. I don’‘t see any errors referring specifically to those user names, but I’‘m new to this program so I don’'t know if I ever would see anything so specific.

Strange, create another account using MSN or Yahoo to verify that you don’'t have a fundamental Gaim problem. The login page allows you to modify/ add accounts, disable the auto-login. You should get to your buddy list window then

You could also try another client like PSI, exodus, JBother to verify that the account are setup correctly.

Hope that help,


What I just did was register one of the “problem” accounts on my own computer. It registered fine, and I was able to use it, add buddies, etc. So it appears to be something to do with the individual computers and/or settings, not the server.

Ok, so once I registered the account from my computer, the user on the original computer could log in and it is working fine. I haven’‘t tried it with the second computer, and for the life of me I can’'t figure out why this happened.

Well, they are both working now… I would really love to understand why, but perhaps I never will. Thanks very much for your help, Conor!

Not much help really

You should have a look at server logs and/or the audit logs.

Probably a user error