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User presence won't update with Openfire + LDAP

Hello there,

I have configured my openfire instance with a standard OpenLDAP user and group base. My spark client will not change presences for other users that belong to the same group. I compared with a working installation that uses normal database and discover this difference:

Under Admin Console> Users/Groups > User Summary: then click on any user that suppose to be in a group. This will display the User Properties table. The last line for Groups: and I get “None”. But I can verify that this user does indeed listed under a group from Group Summary view.

I also noticed that in a normal DB config in conf/openfire.xml, there is , while LDAP options doesn’t have this equivalent settings. And I suspect this is the query used to pulled up the values above.

Does anyone know whether this my root cause of the problem or not? Anyone has similar issues with OpenLDAP config?


Zemian Deng

PS. My LDAP setction in openfire.xml

<ldap>     <host>demo.connextions.com</host>      <port>389</port>      <baseDN>dc=connextions,dc=com</baseDN>      <adminDN>cn=root,dc=connextions,dc=com</adminDN>      <adminPassword>secret</adminPassword>      <connectionPoolEnabled>true</connectionPoolEnabled>      <sslEnabled>false</sslEnabled>      <ldapDebugEnabled>true</ldapDebugEnabled>      <autoFollowReferrals>false</autoFollowReferrals>      <usernameField>sn</usernameField>      <searchFilter>(&amp;(sn={0})(objectClass=person))</searchFilter>
    <nameField>cn</nameField>      <emailField>mail</emailField>      <groupNameField>cn</groupNameField>      <groupMemberField>member</groupMemberField>      <groupDescriptionField>description</groupDescriptionField>      <posixMode>false</posixMode>      <groupSearchFilter>(&amp;(cn={0})(objectClass=groupOfNames))</groupSearchFilter>   </ldap>


Can anyone help me out here?


Zemian Deng

Still no reply. Can someone please help me here?

I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with it. I do not use OpenLDAP but have attached my openfire.xml. I would first say change the <posixMode> to true.