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User quits, but doesn''t always get logged out of chat

We are using Jabber as a way to have our systems report status and information to our users. We have several computers automatically connecting using Smack, and joining chat rooms to log messages. Our current implementation doesn’'t use the MUC code to connect yet. We have people working on that now.

We just recently upgraded to the Jive_Messenger 2.1.2, and started getting reports that the computers users were not logging out of the chat rooms even after they disappeared from the overall system. (i.e… checking the admin console under “sessions”). The services we have set to connect the computer users are being logged back in, but failing to join the chat rooms, I am assuming because Jive Messenger thinks they are already joined.

Has anybody else seen any of this behavior?

Hey Ed,

I’‘ve not been able to reproduce the problem. I will need more information so I can reproduce the problem. So if I’'m not wrong you are using the GroupChat class in Smack to connect to the Multi User Chat service in Messenger.

How are you disconnecting the clients? Are you killing the client application? Is the server killing the connection? Are you using persistent rooms? How many occupants do you see in the room in the Admin Console after the client was disconnected?


– Gato

Thanks for the quick response Gato.

I’'m not sure the subject is our real problem now. It may just be another side-effect of our problem. I am still trying to investigate what the problem is.

But yes, our client service is using the GroupChat class to connect to the MUC service in Messenger.

We are running Jive Messenger 2.1.2.

The rooms are persistent.

We have the Log Messages option enabled.

We have the number of history to display in each room set to 100 messages for returning members.

Everything seemed to be working okay for a couple of days. I just left our overseas offices and came home. Over the weekend they reported that they could not get the computer services to reconnect to any of the GroupChat rooms. When they stop our services, and re-start them, they see the computer user log into the chat room, and immediately leave now. This does not coincide with what I was reporting originally. So I’'m sorry if I am mistaken. It is difficult for me to see what they are experiencing now that I am gone and we 14 hour difference in time.

There are errors being reported on our client service about a broken pipe. I wont be able to get the exact error logs for a couple of days.

In the meantime I have told our system admins to disable the log history option, and truncate the mucConverstationLog table and restart the server. We are crossing our fingers to see what happens until I am able to better reproduce the exact problem in our labs.

I can try to get permission to release our code that is making the connections and sending the messages if that might help. We did not start having these issues until we upgraded to 2.1.2 from 2.1.1 of Jive Messenger. At the same time, I remember seeing changes to our code to handle exceptions and disconnections better. So the real cause is not clear yet.


Could you check for errors in the log files? It would also be of great help to have access to the XML packets sent and received by the Smack client. You will need to start the Smack debugger to gather that information which will help us figure out the reason why the client is leaving the room.


– Gato

I will see what I can track down for the log files. I have them trying to get authorization for the log files to be sent to me now. I have not tried using the smack-debugger yet, so I’'m not sure if the system admins will be able to enable it or not. They are running this on a network that is not accessible from the internet.

I will try to run with the debugger in our labs to see if I can reproduce with the problem and get the log files myself.



Hello again,

I’‘ve now got access to the log files for the above issue. I’'ve actually turned on message packet auditing and debugging. What specifically would help track down this issue?

Again, the issue I’'m seeing is broken pipes for computer users joining the server and chat rooms. Once the user gets logged out of the server, it stays logged in the chat room. When we have the user try to rejoin, it rejoins the server but fails to rejoin the chat room because the server shows it still in the chat room.

Does any of this make sense?