User Registration


I am using Jabber.NET to connect to a Wildfire server. Everything seems to work fine, except for user registration. When I send a jabber:iq:register message, Wildfire returns a SASL not-authorized message. Is this an issue with Jabber.NET or with Wildfire? I’'m in no way an authority on the jabber protocol.

The simplest way this might happen is if user “inband” account registration is disabled in the wildfire admin console. Can you confirm that this is set to enabled?

I don’‘t think so Justin, because if that’'s the case, Wildfire will return a forbidden error.


Normally you’‘ll get SASL not-authorized error if your session has not been authenticated properly, likely because of username/password mismatch or because the username doesn’‘t exist. In jabber:iq:register case, I couldn’'t guess when it could possibly happen. Did you send the correct format the IQ stanza? Did you follow the session establishment process according to the XMPP protocol spec? Does your packet has child element? Or perhaps, you could post packets being interchanged between your nodes.