User Roster Should Only Display Active Wildfire Users

Many of my users are complaining because of Wildfire is pushing out all user in my LDAP server to their roster on their Jabber client. Wildfire needs an option for the administrators of the Wildfire Server to only display users in the Jabber Client Roster whom have logged in X number of days; X by default could be 30 days. For instance, if Joe Brown has not logged into Jabber the server in the past 2 months, then no one would see Joe in their Jabber Client Roster, but as soon as Joe logs in again then he will be added back to everyone’s roster. This should put less load on server and my users with poor network connectivity will get there roster load faster because some of my users are waiting up to 5 minutes for all the users to load into there roster, and this would be a great feature for everyone and not just administrators using LDAP. Finally, I could have an LDAP server of 100,000 users in Wildfire, but only 200 active Wildfire users display on the user Jabber Client Roster. I tried looking for this new feature in Jira and I did not see it.


may I ask why a client may want to add 100,000 users to his roster?

Or why should a server admin create a shared group with all users which is displayed for every client?

One should be able to write a plugin which does the job you described, the last time online[/i] date is stored as far as I know in the jiveuser table.


My point was that my users should not have 100,000 user sent to their Jabber Client, since 99 percent of the LDAP users have not logged in the past month. This seam more like an architecture change verses a plug-in because I would think that the Wildfire server would keep trying to add users to the jiveuser table from LDAP and then the plug-in would strip the users who have not logged out yet; which seams like a more work on the server then is needed. My LDAP server is setup with an AllUsers OU which Wildfire displays to the user roster as a group.


Interesting feature request. I’'ve filed this as JM-743.