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User Search via jabber services

Hi guys,

I’‘ve got quite far with XIFF and I really appreciate all the help I have received on these boards. However I find myself in a sticky situation as XIFF doesn’‘t seem to support user search (I could be wrong). I have been playing around but can’'t get any further. There seems to be some conflict with the RegisterExtension.as class.

Below is the code I have so far, does anyone have any suggestions or comments? Anything would be greatly appreciated!

function doSearchIq(recipient)


var regIQ:IQ = new IQ(recipient, IQ.GET_TYPE, XMPPStanza.generateID(“discoverSearch”), “getSearchFields”, _root);

var myExtension = new Extension();

myExtension.addTextNode(regIQ.getNode(), “query xmlns=“jabber:iq:search””);




search_btn.onRelease = function ()




function getSearchFields(resultIQ:IQ)


// The next line returns undefined, however if I physically change the namespace

// in the RegisterExtension.as class to: “jabber:iq:search” it works fine

var ext = resultIQ.getAllExtensions()[0];



Thank you in advance!