User shows offline in Openfire admin when spark authenticates with email instead of user idv

Hi All,

We are using Openfire version 4.0.2 and client Spark version 2.7.6. When we authenticates using user id, it works fine, shows all users status correctly. But with email id as username, authentication gets successful with Spark but not showing correct ‘Presence’ in openfire admin. Also not able to chat and fetch the user data from open ldap. Please help.

I noticed this too, immediately after updated to 4.02 this morning. I saw a couple users come on, then pop right off showing " - offline", but when I looked at their screen, they were obviously online and could do pretty much anything normal.

when you look at the sessions in the admin panel, what is the presents priority set to on the users that show “offline” Also, are the users in questions using the “invisible” presence option?


Thanks for the prompt reply. In my case priority is 0 when the presence shows offline and also not checked invisible in spark.

but interesting thing is after some times admin panel shows online but not able to chat with anyone.