User Status does not change

I am having an issue where spark only shows the users that are logged on at the time you log on to the openfire server. If someone logs off or on it does not show on of the other clients. I have looked at the openfire server settings I have not seen what it could be.

Has anyone else seen this? Is this a bug in openfire or spark. This is a real show stopper, we just bought the software and I can’t deploy it until this is fixed.

Please help!



Cant provide any helpful info. But maybe it would be useful to know what versions are you using and what OS.

Time to time i see threads with such problems in forums. But it’s still a rare issue. I remember i was experiencing something similar long time ago, with old versions of Openfire (Jive Messenger those days). But for a very long time it’s ok i think.

I actually blew the database away and reinstalled openfire and now all is well. Hopefully it stays that way…