User status is wrong

Not sure where to begin. I have Openfire 4.0.1 using MySql as backend running on Server 2012 R2. Using Spark 2.7.5 on Windows 10. Users show online when they are not. Offline users shows as Away - Im not here right now. I have also checked with another client, Pidgin with same results. Can someone help me resolve the issue?

EDIT: Some new information. I tried locking out these users, and they still show as online, both in the clients and in the openfire admin.

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What does the Openfire Admin Console report for current client sessions for those users?

Shows the same as the client. One person is showing as online (little green guy), the other is showing as away (little yellow guy). Both of these users are not signed in.

OK I cleared all the caches under Cache Summary and restarted Openfire. This appears to have solved the issue.

EDIT: well, I was wrong. 1 day later and still have tons of offline people showing as either online or away. Cache related possibly???

So, in digging around, i looked under the sessions tab. The client sessions says there are 17 active sessions. It is showing 1-15, however there are only 4 items in the list, where are the other 11? if I go to page 2, there are the remaining 2 sessions.

Anyone have any ideas on what the issue may be?

On the Spark client, if you hover your mouse over the “inactive” user that is showing online, it will not show you the pop up window showing user’s AD info. It will also freeze scrolling down to other users/groups. This started with the latest Spark update.