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User Tracking

Where does Jive Messenger store the status (ie, connected, away, etc) of the user connecting to it? In the Database?

It’'s stored in memory.



Hi Matt

so there is no fast and easy way to get a list or a number of users being “online” ?


It’'s easily available via the API. Can you describe how you need access to this data?



It would be a webpage that would show what users are logged in. Could I use the api for that?

Does the session summary page in the admin console not meet your needs?

What about for those of us who wish to use multiple presence servers in order to handle high traffic.

It is nice that we can do things with an ldap/database so that the same set of users can all login and be used but is there a way to update the database with the status (connected, away, offline) so that any of those servers can know who all is in what status?

The admin status page is useful to me, but I am trying to create a webpage that will show the users who is one (a page for users to see who has signed up and is currently online). The admin status page would even work for me if the site had java installed. Currently, the site is running php, however, I can create flash if it’'s really needed, trying to avoid it due to some bandwidth limitations from some of my users (satellite and 800mhz in cars)…