User unable to start chat with one grouping

I have a user using Spark 2.6.3 on a Win 7 x4 machine.

He can log in fine and his session shows on the server, although his client version shows as 2.6.2 even though I just downloaded the latest vesion and reinstalled just in case.

With users that are listed in one group (grouping done server side) when he tries to start a chat session, the window doesn’t open. Doesn’t work if he double-clicks or right clicks on a name. However with users in all other groups the chat window opens but when he types, his message text remains in the bottom input field and in the top it just shows his name with the time of his message but no message. If he continues to press enter, his username and time keeps showing but shows on the same line, it doesn’t drop down to the next line.

If I try to send him a message, I get the chat window and it all seems to work fine however he recieves no pop-up, or any indication of a chat session.

Anyone any idea why this is?

Profile or some history files probably are corrupted. You can try deleting the profile and starting over. C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Spark

Version number shown at the Sessions page is probably taken from Spark’s Advanced menu, available ant Login screen. Session page shows the Resource field value.

completely removed the profile directory from c:\users[user]\appdata\roaming but still same issue.

Ended up installing Pidgin and that works with no issues. It’s a user internal to the ICT dept so client consistancy is not an issue in this case so I’ll leave him with that.