UserGeolocation (JEP0080) Wildifire Integration


I’‘m using Wildfire as IM Server for Location Based Services. I have problems in dispatching XMPP User Geolocation InfoQuery Request’'s packets such as:

What’‘s the problem? Wildfire reject unknown packets by default? UserGeolocation JEP’'s is not implemented in Wildfire?

Thanks a lot for your support.

Hey loretoparisi,

Make sure that IQ packets are being sent to full JIDs instead of bare JIDs. Full JID is like a bare JID but it also includes the bind resource. Eg. bare JID = and full JID =

IQ packets sent to bare JIDs will be handled by the server. For these IQ packets the server needs to understand the type of IQ packet being sent or otherwise an error will be returned. On the other hand, IQ packets sent to full JIDs are just forwarded by the server to the target connection.


– Gato