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Username colors in chat window


I am using spark 2.6 i would like to diffen different color for only confence room chat usersName . Any body have any idea???



This is madness. Man, we cant understand you (i mean we have already tried in the last Open Chat session). Can you describe what do you mean by this mystic “conference” room and how is it different from the group chat?

So, conference and group chat, or MUC (multi user conference) this is all the same to me. So, Spark is assigning the random colors to nicknames (a hash of nickname itself) in a group chat. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to have different colors for nicknames in simple one-to-one chat windows? Well, then this is not currently possible and there is not much logic to implement that, as it’s enough to have 2 colors to distinguish between just 2 nicknames. I admit that one could want to set custom colors for nicknames, maybe even for text, background, etc. That’s what Miranda is good for Spark is just different in that area. It doesnt have so much GUI customization, as it was targeted for Enterprise usage, so it follows (or followed) simple and strict design guideline.

What i wanted to say. If you want such options, then you will have to code this yourself. Of course, you can then contribute your work to Spark project and i think it will be welcome.

Hey Wr00t!

Any chance the hash algorithm could be gotten? This would at least allow usernames to be chosen that would result in predictable colors.

I have a small subset of users that I really need to have be able to set their text to red, I have been trying to puzzle out the algorithm, but it’s not something simple it seems.

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So, you need the hash algorithm of Spark? Then i can only suggest to check the source (it’s open). I’m not a coder myself, so i can’t help much here.

Well I have been poking around in the code looking for it.

No joy yet.

Any hints where to look?

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not too long ago we could change the color of the nickname (by number of characters?) and could see what color that made the nickname. Then things changed - we can change the color (by Adjusting the number of characters) but we can’t see what color we are – others in the chat room can.

Anyone know how we can go in to see what color our name is showing as? instead of having to ask others in the room?