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Username Conflict Help

So a while back, our head IT guy moved on to bigger and better things. Sadly, this leaves me as the closest thing to a Sys Admin that we have. Unfortunately, I am having to learn as I go and one of the problems I have run into is an issue with Openfire/Spark.

We have two AD Domains that we maintain for two branches of the same company. This means when an employee transfers from one side to the other, it causes a conflict in Openfire due to the fact that they both technically have the same UID. For example, esmith transferred from one company to the other. On one side she was sqah.esmith and on the other she is sqs.esmith, thus reflecting the different Domains, but because she is esmith it causes a conflict as it thinks the user already exists.

Our Openfire is installed on an Ubuntu 12.04 server. My second problem being that I am also a linux n00b. I know how to navigate and get places, but I don’t know where to even start looking to fix this conflict. If anyone wants to take the time to give me a Openfire on Ubuntu 101 lesson, I’d certainly appreciate it!

Any help would be appreciated. Truly.