Username limited to 32 characters

Hi All,

How can I change the max username length to 128 characters?

I was successful in changing the database store:

alter table jiveUser change username username varchar(128);

But there seems to be something in the code that limits the username length.




I can’‘t think of something in Wildfire which limits the length, maybe in some client code. Actually 1024 characters should be allowed according to the specs but then some database engines will have problems with too long PK’‘s or C’'s.

And you should change this value in some more tables if you really want to use such long usernames.


This is similar to the problem I had several months ago. However you have already edited the script and it still has issues? that is strange, although wondering if something else could be holding it back. THe script is what created the table. If you go in and do a /d jiveroster , what is the VARCHAR reporting as max size?

After re-reading the post and the first repkly. Are you changing ALL instances of username VARCHAR to 128 or only user name?


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Message was edited by: jeff_garner

Which clients are you using? Have you had any problems?