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Username problems


I use Ldap and Active Directory to authenticate on Jive Messenger. The authentication works fine, but in our company we have usernames which are in format Lastname Firstname. I setup ldap to include all Active directory on .My user list only shows usernames with one word.

Is there a way to configure config file to enable username with two words to be visible in user list.

Also any jabber clients that support 2 word usernames.


clients supports only username@servername JIDS

when i use Jive, i have users with singleword usernames but with additional information as Name (First and Last). And Exodus shows Firstname Lastname in roster. Only in MUC room usernames are shown, that’'s not very convinient, but i dont kno how to solve this.

clients supports only username@servername JIDS

In fact, the XMPP spec mandates that usernames not have spaces. There’'s a JEP that might help with the issue:


I’'m not sure how many clients support it yet, but if we supported escaping JIDs in Jive Messneger, that would make this problem a lot easier to deal with.


I had that same problem. I got around it by substituting Exchange alias for user names in the LDAP settings (since each Exchange alias was first.last instead of First Last). HTH.

Thanks guys for the help.

Can you list your config file with Exchange aliases property in it.

We have aliases as firstinintiallastname.