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Usernames with spaces do not work

I have a problem. I have LDAP and my usernames contain gaps.

Username for example: batman bb - not working, not authenticate. Writes: incorrect username or password.

It works only in Spark, but Pandion or Miranda not work. I need it Pandion or Miranda. What can i do?

Sorry for my english.

Someone help me?

Just because some piece of software allows you to create usernames with spaces does nto mean your should. Good luck getting it to work since your usernames break standard conventions.

Oh, If you’re so smart, why Spark works?

spark works because back in the day we added the ability to parse out spaces for people that did not follow proper naming conventions. we had to add it for people. it did not support it originally.

Please read this


It’s miserably. OK, thanks.

Pandion and Miranda work if instead of a space to put \20

for example:

batman bb - not work

batman\20bb - work with Pandion and Miranda.