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UserProvider and other considerations

First my question: I have a custom UserProvider and I whant to filter the user listing methods using the user that is requesting the list.

To do this I need the username…

String jid = request.getParameter("jid"); //I do NOT have the request
SessionManager man = XMPPServer.getInstance().getSessionManager();
JID id = new JID(jid);
ClientSession session = man.getSession(id);
  session.getUsername(); //******

But I do not have the request.

  • Does this make sense?
    • (ie: user listing is done by the server outside the context of a user request)
  • Can it be done?

Now the long version…

I am sure everybody has read this once but, I am actually doing it.

I need to provide access to users of multiple domains, I have all users (of all domains) in a single place and a username scheme.

Internally I am actually using email as a username, so I am developing a UserProvider plugin…

  • Scheme for username: user#userDomain

  • Single actual domain for everybody.

Currently I am going to test the username scheme with the listing methods turned off. This is NOT a bloquer problem if I can change the user Roster externally, ie using a plugin similar to the UserPlugin.