Users are not displayed in Admin console with openfire Hybrid AuthProvider

Hi ,

I have been working on openfire from couple of months. I have integrated oracle DB users to openfire by using custom DB integration.

I have a need to use Hybrid User provider along with Hybrid Auth provider to use ‘admin’ user from openfire’s ofuser table for administrator activities in admin console.

I am able to configure the Hybrid User Provider along with HybridAuthProvider , but I am facing an issue where, I am not able to see any users in the admin console’s user-summary page.

I have created a custom user provider also but still I am not able to view the users in admin console and no error is thrown.

Currently I am using openfire version 3.8.1 .

Could anybody please provide a solution for this issue , as it is very important to us.

Thanks to all in advance. Please help with your valuable suggestions.

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Agree this is a bug in the HybridUserProvider. Opened OF-731 to track.