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Users automaticly join groups

Is it possible, when a user is created, for it to be added into a group automaticly? That way Spark or Trillian recognizes the group and updates the group.

This way if multiple users are registered, they dont have to add each user in order to see each other. (a hassle when lets say, a group of 20 people register).

So lets say, a user is created, its automaticly created in the ‘‘Global’’ Group, then from there they can move about the groups themselves, etc.

  • Jon

Hi Jon,

If you’'re using Spark with Wildifre you can use the url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/plugins.jspReigstration Plugin[/url] to define a group that new users are automatically added to when they first register.

Hope that helps,


Awesome, thank you Ryan, here I was scouring forums for about an hour (I run a large forum so I know the value of the search button ) and I should have looked in the plugins.

  • Jon