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User's buddy list not showing after migration

Hi there,

i’m migrating to a new server, and i’ve a problem with openfire.

I’ve installed a fresh openfire into the new server, done the initial setup and after used the import/export plugin for the user data, to import all registered users from old server to the newest.

All it’s done apparently perfect, but the buddy lists for all of the users is being not show’d. Via the admin console i can see the roster for all of the users but when the user connects to the server he cannot see anybody, even if there’s someone of his buddy online.

Any help please?

Take a look in the DB itself in the ofRoster table…the jid column includes the domain, so if I was your contact I would look like ‘michael@domain’ rather than just ‘michael’. When you migrated your openfire to a new server did it get a different domain?