Users can''t log in

I love Wildfire so far. I just installed it yesterday. Now to my problem. I have users that can’‘t log in. They are using GAIM. All the settings in GAIM are correct. It gives them the error message has been disconnected…Tue Oct 24 11:16:50 2006…Couldn’'t connect to host. Is this something in Wildfire or the GAIM? This user is on the internet somewhere. I personally connected fine, but I am sitting on the same router. Not the same external IP but the same subnet. Please help me with this problem. I am new at this and would really love to get this up and running.

How are the users authenticating to WIldfire? accounts onthe server, or LDAP or AD? Also, the mailto: is interesting…

Users are registering to the server and creating their own account. I think the “mailto” got added by mistake. I can register the users from my computer but not from the outside, and when I do, they can’'t log in.

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i tried setting up an account myself from a computer outside my network. it would not connect, nor would it register the new account. Just thought I would throw that in.

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