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Users can't login on a fresh and default openfire install

This is not my first openfire install but this time, I’m completely stuck. I’ve installed openfire on a (virtual) server running ubuntu and even in with the most simple setup, I’m not able to log in from any client.

Some installation details:

  • version: openfire 3.7.1, running on JVM 1.6.0_26

  • domain: example.com (ok, that’s not the real name, we just use it for now)

  • subdomain: openfire

  • apache proxy configuration to redirect “http://openfire.example.com/” to “http://localhost:9090/” (no problem, I can set up the server and log into the admin console)

  • embedded database

  • servername: “openfire” (tried “openfire.example.com” as well, no change)

  • iptables allows port 5222 (but there’s no difference if iptables is running or stopped - no firewall issue)

  • openfire is listening to all network interfaces (see openfire.xml)

Now, when I try to login as “admin” (or any other user), Spark responds with an “invalid user name or password” message.

The credentials I provide with spark are:

username: admin

password: ******* :wink:

server: example.com

(username “admin@openfire” or "admin@openfire.example.com" makes no difference)

Yesterday, I saw from sparks debug console, that there is a message flow between spark and openfire. I see a response from the server. So I doubt right now, that this is some sort of network configuration issue. (Today, after a restart of the clients netbook, spark won’t spawn th debug console anymore…)

In addition, I can’t register new users from the client, even though it is allowed from the openfire setup.

I’m interested in “the solution” to my problem (of course I am!) and/or some tips on how to debug this problem. The logs didn’t help so far, even when I set logging to debug level.



Update - now, that sparks debug console is co-operative again: this is what I see when I try to connect with spark

Sent Message(s):

<stream:stream to=“example.com” xmlns=“jabber:client” xmlns:stream=“http://etherx.jabber.org/streams” version=“1.0”>

<stream:stream to=“example.com” xmlns=“jabber:client” xmlns:stream=“http://etherx.jabber.org/streams” version=“1.0”>


Received Message(s):

<?xml version='1.0'?>

stream:featuresPLAIN</mechanis ms></stream:features>

<?xml version='1.0'?>

stream:featuresPLAIN</mechanis ms></stream:features>

Have you tried to create a new user through the admin interface and verified that user can’t login also? DId you check the various Openfire log files (info, error, warn, etc) to figure out server-side why it is not authenticating?

Did you also try user “admin” and domain “openfire.example.com”?

Yes, I had tried “openfire.example.com” and even “openfire” (after editing the hosts file on the client machine). No difference…

I had tried this too - created a user through the admin interface and wasn’t able to login. The logs give no hint, even when I enable log level debug. And auditing server messages doesn’t give a clue too - even though the failure method comes from the server, it is not “logged”.

There will be a log message in info.log if authentication really failed:

2012.02.05 13:26:25 User Login Failed. PLAIN authentication failed for: srichard

If you don’t see this, verify you are pointing your client at your openfire installation (you should be able to set the ‘host’ in the client so it connects via ip or hostname instead of doing a/srv lookups on your domain). You could also verify with tcpdump that your server is recieving connections from the client.

Chances are if your connection is correct, and there are no log entries, your installation is broken in a pretty unique way.

A year later, however I have the same issue it seems.

I have been able to connect to the Openfire server without problem from some clients, and not others.

Xabber and IM (Free) on Android works without any problem


Agile messenger, Beejive, Beem, Gibberbot cannot connect with the same settings.

Same failures occur on Windows, some work, some do not.

Usually I find something like error “not-authorized”. Today I found a new more elaborate error message “XMPP::Conn: AuthSASL: Authentication failed.” leading me to a certificate problem.

Wondering if anyone has a comment related to the original issue, and if it was ever solved.