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Users can't see each other after upgrade from wildfire to openfire

I use MySQL base and all went well with wildfire (3.1 but not sure). But after new install of openfire 3.4.1 and conecting to old wildfire base users can connect to server but can’t see each other and send messages. I can send them message from server via brodcast plugin. Please help. We have around 50 users in base and don’t want to register them all again from start.

Hi Ivan,

did you read the wiki documents http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/Home about upgrading Wildfire to Openfire?


As I said this is fresh install of openfire (not upgrade of wildfire), only database mysql is old from wildfire. In taht document is only about changing names from wildfire to openfire and I don’t have that. There is no word about changes in database.

Hi Ivan,

did you change the xmpp.domain?

Do you see errors in the log files or in the debug log file?


I just wanted to write that new openfire installation set net xmpp.domain. I changed it to old name and it work now :x

Ah. I changed this before but it seems that some time must past that this new setup start working.

Most inportant is that now it works again, sorry for this again. I hope this will help someone, sometime.